Wednesday, 10 April 2013

More on Maunsfield...

Apparently (thanks, Gav), the following was up on Maunsfield's site as recently as last week:
It's come to our attention that some people are a little worried about the short-term future of Maunsfeld Gaming and its gaming venue at Matlock Mill in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.
Please don't be!
We'd like to take this opportunity to mollify those that attend the club nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as those who have bought tickets for forthcoming events – and of course to tournament organisers who have booked the venue to hold events of their own because, whilst the management of Maunsfeld Gaming is looking to sell the company as a going concern, we will continue to hold events until at least the end of July of 2013 – thus ensuring the all-important Summer Incursion Warhammer Fantasy tournament in June and the European Team Challenge Hordes and Warmachine team tournament in July will still go ahead! 
We have a number of people interested in taking over the venue – either as a new company or as Maunsfeld Gaming – and this should be finalised over the next couple of months. However, the management of Maunsfeld Gaming is still open to offers at the moment, which the prospective buyers are aware of, so if you are interested in taking over the venue as a going concern please contact and ask for details. Be quick though, and no time-wasters please!
It is worth re-iterating what was stated above clearly so that there is no confusion.
Maunsfeld Gaming and the venue at Matlock Mill in Mansfield will continue holding club nights and events – both our own and other organisers' events – until at least July 2013 under the current management. We are very sure that the venue will continue to be a gaming centre into 2014 under new management, however! 
Amazing how fast things change. If I won the lottery...


  1. If you won the lottery surely a fresh start local to home would be better.

  2. Not sure anything that they say can be believed. At some point, probably before July they will be in court over the wind up. They may be forced to cease trading then. If Fair Trading goes in before that then they could be closed on so many different counts for failure to comply to standard business actions including no in store pricing, selling items on incorrect receipts (I've lost count of the amount of jars of coffee they have sold me!!)

    If someone buys them, especially if not taken as a going concern then they can refuse to honour any deal set up by the previous owners.

    Why would anyone buy it as a going concern, the name is mud. The site as a shop will never make enough money to keep it afloat and how many CLUB MEMBERS would now start paying when it has always been free?

    No I think it's pure bull intended to try and hurry a buyer into committing, who may well be wondering where this warehouse actually is LOL



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