Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Yet another Saxon building - 4Ground this time!

The basic (unglued) shell.
Dug out of the Storeroom Of Temporal Insufficiency (© Jeff Knusden), I found a 28mm 4Ground 'Anglo-Dane Hovel'. It's probably a bit late for my Dux Britanniarum period, but it's still an interesting comparison.

Much more detail work with the laser, as well as 4Ground's trademark pre-painted MDF. As it's a half-timbered building, they've done a slightly different means of connecting corners, which means you don't get their nasty interlocking fingers effect you do on their WW2 buildings. Goes together nicely - so nicely I could toss the completely un-glued basic shell (floor + inner and outer walls) across the room to Reuben and it didn't break apart. The trick's in the floor, which has little locating 'pins' for the walls to, so you aren't trying to hold the whole thing square with three hands while glue dries.

Having a bad thatch day - I need to let the PVA dry then
add more PVA and give it a comb :D
They also get points for providing teddy-bear fur thatch cut to size (Timeline's isn't, Sarissa don't provide any), and for a colour instruction sheet. They lose a couple of points for it being small and unreadable by those of us with older eyes, and another for two of the pieces (window and door frames) being fragile enough to break while offering them up to the hole in the wall - fixable but annoying

I decided not to plaster this or add extra timbering - what do you think?

Next up, another Saxon building from one of Sarissa, Warbases, Original Laser Designs or Blotz depending on which arrive first (or when I get to Hammerhead, whichever is the sooner :D).

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  1. I think I have decided I need the 4-Ground buildings for my SAGA project.


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