Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Basing the villa

After a bit of thought, I decided the Sarissa villa needed a base.

One sheet A3 black foam board, roughly cut with a bevelled edge. I've sealed the edge with PVA and then spread more PVA and laid some mixed rock/ballast (no idea where it came from) on it.

First layer of paint is raw umber acrylic (I'd have used the ubiquitous Sandtex bitter chocolate, but it's at the back of the store cupboard :D). I'm aiming as per the Realm of Battle boards to drybrush with a couple of lighter grey/browns before adding some flock and static grass.

In related news, I just backed this Kickstarter, for 3D-printable design files for Dark Ages buildings - it's from the Najewitz Modellbau folks. who used to do resin buildings (as reviewed on Meeples) but have branched into doing all their business as 3D designers.

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