Friday, 22 February 2019

More MDF buildings in progress...

Look what the postie brought!
This time from Timeline Miniatures (now distributed by Hoka Hey Wargaming).

With perfect timing (thanks Alan), since I've just finished the Warbases and Sarissa buildings. a small packet was handed me by our long suffering postie this morning containing their Saxon hall (most of a foot long!) and a smaller house.

Both come with enough teddy bear fur to do the roof (and to spare), and are quite nicely done kits. Unlike the standard Warbases design, the floor isn't just a plain square, but has notches in to accept the walls, which makes for a lot less swearing while trying to get the basic building shell to sit square while the glue dries. I certainly could have used PVA rather than brush-on Loctite.

Night time spraying - it's about time I did some
horses or something, as that railing needs to be
black again before the wife moans.
Unlike the Sarissa offerings, the timbers aren't lasered on, but a separate layer, too. In fact the only real gripe is that the separate doors have no attachment points to the wall, but that was easy enough to fudge.

There's no crack/finish detail on the walls, so I applied a thin layer of Polyfilla in each panel and spread it with a finger. Undercoat is AP Skeleton Bone, which is my standard 'plaster' undercoat, and I'll probably finish painting it tomorrow.

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