Saturday, 16 February 2019

Catching up

Sarissa's Dark Ages Villa, with quite a bit of
customisation and general tarting up. Figure
by Bad Squiddo Games (Cartimandua).
Yes, I am still alive, honest.

Those of you following me on Twitter should at least be aware of that, since I've been managing to keep the #hobbystreak hashtag going, usually in my lunch break (but by the skin of my teeth on a couple of days), since the start of the year, which, if nothing else, is keeping me saner than otherwise :D

A combination of being the only available tech at work over Xmas, dealing with James' UCAS applications and getting him to open days (compounded by his depression, needless to say), and an unexpected death in late January (a close friend who passed away while staying with us, for which I wound up doing most of the local organisation for the funeral while his wife was back in Shetland). Most of my scant free time wound up keeping up with pre-booked musical commitments and organising Hereward Wargames Show, but...

*heaves mighty sigh of relief*

I actually got to sleep in my own bed and with no guests in the house, for the first time in two weeks on Wednesday. (I now understand why some of our guests don't like our various spare beds - the sofa bed is a thing of horror!) And I'm actually sitting here in the living room with a laptop and nothing to do for most of the rest of the day.

So. Plans:
  • I'm going to move the master source of the #hobbystreak posts to here, as I do keep hitting the Twitter limit (me, verbose?). They'll still get crossposted.
  • The next episode of The Miller's Tale will happen once I've cleared the mess in the music room (various stuff got dumped in there to make space for the sofa bed - the house has been chaos, as if you hadn't figured! :D) which should (I'm not promising) be this week, I know what it'll be about, but you'll have to wait and see :D
  • The Dux Compendium will get finished. The batch of buildings I'm just about finished with (see Twitter) has me somewhat inspired. Currently, Anne is out Wednesday evenings as duty vet at the dog track, and since I'm no longer booked to record with the Meeples folks on Wednesdays, I'm aiming to make that my serious writing evening. (As an aside, on that score, I am rather miffed to have missed the British Library Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms Exhibition :)
  • Ongoing modelling projects - a Cruel Seas Kriegsmarine fleet,  more Dark Ages scenery, some Peninsular forces for SP2, and maybe the Skytrex WW2 naval fleets I have kicking around and some War of The Roses 28mms.
OK. Fingers crossed, the world is back to some semblance of normality.

Catch you soon!


  1. I'm glad you're hanging in there, in spite of a rocky beginning to the year. The Sarissa buildings look great.

  2. What a start to the year! Great to see you're blogging more regularly now and fingers crossed for the next podcast.


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