Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Freyja's Wrath Kickstarter

Bad Squiddo Games have started another Kickstarter, and this one is right up my street. And I quote:

"You want a whole army of kick arse shieldmaidens? Well, hello. These are suitable for both Dark Ages and Fantasy wargaming, with some of the units and characters also being versatile for a whole number of uses. The core troops are historical dark age (but cool and interesting enough to be used with fantasy) with a mythological twist with some of the characters. All the crazy stuff is rooted in Norse Mythology. And following Bad Squiddo tradition - yes we have some adorable critters!"
They are really really nice sculpts, and are of fairly generic usefulness in any Dark Age or fantasy arms, and I want them!

Pledged. Go thou and do likewise.

Compendium: research. Ho. Hum. Tomorrow,  a BIG table edit.
Club: swearing a LOT at various WordPress plugins that don't do what I want despite advertising that they do.

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  1. Waiting for Freya to be added and will then pledge for all the mythological stuff and some ravens. Possibly one bag of shieldmaidens but I really have too many unused Vikings lying about to buy any more than that


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