Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Accountability post for 10th Jan

I'm making a policy of keeping this as a separate post when the regular day's post is a battle report or part of a series.


No Dux Brit progress today, barring a check on stuff to do with physical printing, due to...

  • Setting up a merchandise store for Peterborough Wargames Club members using (highly recommended in the UK - very little effort once you have suitable graphics, and they'll run a store for you without having to do that thing where you do the whole 'ok, who wants a shirt, what size?' herding cats thing before you can place a bulk order and someone inevitably asks for one the day after you put the order in....);
  • Building a website for our local Neighbourhood Council;
  • Meeples recording session.
Back to the Compendium tomorrow.

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