Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Accountability post for 15th Jan

[Okay that answers the nagging question I had when I woke up this morning: no I didn’t hit publish on this post last night. :)]

Late start, because I stayed up far far too late watching the Vikings beat the Saints last night. (One of the perks of not having to be up early on a Monday just at the moment!)

Day then royally messed up by iPhone touchscreen packing up, much faffing around trying to persuade it to work for long enough to let me back it up. On the good side, my man Tony thinks it's a 30quid fix if I'm lucky, and I get to go visit him again tomorrow. If I'm not lucky, time for a new phone :(

Compendium progress: largely note-taking and thinking today. Had a long think (and talk with Tom at the club) about battles again. While I think we have a kind of solution that improves on what's in the rulebook, it doesn't quite have the right feel. Need to think some more.

Also, club scenery audit, so I came home with a box of stuff needing repair.

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  1. No good night's sleep would ever compensate you for missing an ending like that! Skol, Vikings!


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