Thursday, 29 August 2013

Warlord announce Pegasus Bridge set...


Now this I might just have to buy, if nothing else for the scenery.

Reading the fine print:
"a battle-set with laser-cut wooden bridge and buildings, resin scenery and plastic and metal miniatures."
Assuming they do it reasonably to scale, this should be awesome for CoC. Either way, more details tomorrow (Friday), which is also when pre-orders open (help!).

I've already asked on Facebook, and they have no plans as yet to make the terrain pieces available separately.

As a complete aside - please wish my son James luck, as he has a trial for Lincolnshire U14 cricket today, and I shall be being Dad's Taxi as a result.


  1. OMG! Another temptation lying ahead!!

  2. This does look interesting, will be nice to see what comes with it


  3. It's got me reaching for my wallet and I don't even know what's in the box yet!

  4. I saw a picture of the Bridge from warlords open day, as you say mike this will be perfect for CoC, might even have enough figures to put together a couple of platoons.


  5. Well Mike - if you plead nicely perhaps the club can run to a set!

    By the way my 3rd British Infantry squad is now undercoated!

    Plus 2 extra for a 5 man HMG Team, also have sniper and 3" Mortar Observer (well mortar and crew) so nearly ready to play.

  6. Good luck for the cricket trials.

  7. Does anyone have any pics of the bridge that was shown at the open day?

  8. Oh no. Looks like I picked the wrong day to give up on WW2!

  9. Arrrrgh...
    Just after I thought, I had enough stuff for now... ;-)

  10. 20% here :)


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