Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Almost missed today's post

[An aside: I'm very curious to know how people are getting to this page, as it seems to be a very popular page for no good reason. Please leave me a comment!]

... But I have a good excuse. 
The Shuttle Atlantis at Kennedy
The business end of 5 SMEs. Not a wise place to stand when
they're live :D


  1. Cape Canaveral? The last time I was there, the first Space Shuttle had not flown yet. I really want to go back but never have made the time. How were the exhibits?

    1. I beat you on this! The last (and only time) I've been there, Franco was not even dead yet (passed away in 1975) I was a kid and had a wonderful time; I still have the Apollo rocket model and an astrounat that my parents bought as a souvenir

    2. Could be close to the same time. May have been 76 or 77 that I was there. I remember the toy Apollo rockets that they had. Unfortunately, I did not get one.

    3. 1972 actually and I 10-years old only!!
      I asked my mother yesterday
      This post has put the need in me of finding the photo album from that trip, it's somewhere at her home

  2. Looks like your having a great time


  3. It's cool and all but I can see the wires!

    I went on my honeymoon and when we were coming into port canaveral on the cruise ship we heard the double booms and saw it coming in for landing at the cape. We then went on the tours. Awesome honeymoon!

    Hope you're having a great time.


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