Saturday, 31 August 2013

Off to The Other Partizan tomorrow...

I'll be (possibly one of two) the guy in a mid-blue Peterborough Wargames Club t-shirt, and you'll almost certainly find me drooling over the Warlord stand or on the hunt for cheap 15mm WW2. Hoping to meet up with Neil Shuck while I'm there.

I'd have more spending money if I hadn't lost a tenner to my son James today - we figured while waiting for the news from his trial with Lincs, more net practice wouldn't hurt. So I placed a piece of paper on a good length and offered him £1 for each time he hit it in an over. Result, four out of six within about 6", no hits. So as a challenge I placed a tenner on top, weighed it down with my keys and gave him one ball to hit it.

No prizes for guessing what happened. :D At least we know that given sufficient motivation, he can land a ball exactly where he wants. I do need to teach him that it's only polite if HE buys the drinks afterwards, though :D

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  1. Have a great day. I to will be there and feel free to pop over and say Hi as I will be putting on a VBCW game


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