Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Early War Polish list for Chain of Command - mini-review

From the TFL Yahoo! Group (seriously, if you follow me and play CoC, you need to sign up!);
"the Polish list for 1939 is now available at Lard Island News.  You can find it here:"
This is based on some sterling work by Alexander Kawczynski, who translated the standard Polish infantry manual for the period. It's a three page PDF, much like the army lists in the back of the rulebook: basic platoon structure, support lists, an arsenal table with stats for weapons and vehicles, and a couple of 'national characteristic' rules.

People who know better than I have described this as, quote,
"the most complete and historical Polish army list in a WW2 game that I have come across..." 
I'm eagerly looking forward to many more lists. Time to buy some kind of binder and more ink for the printer, I think :D

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  1. This is the best part about TFL. The support that they give their rules is fantastic. No attempt at gouging folks with having to buy additional lists. They encourage the community to create lists and provide some themselves.


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