Monday, 26 August 2013

Attack of the Zeppelins

For any of my UK followers into WW1: Channel 4 had an interesting documentary tonight on the German Zeppelin in WW1. Sadly, I missed it as it's club night, but it looks like it's available online on 4oD.

As an aside, it's presented by Dr Hugh Hunt, who also presented a rather fun C4 documentary on re-engineering the Dambusters bouncing bomb. Looks worth checking out!


  1. Well worth checking out on 4OD. It was a good documentary - just serious enough, but with some lighter moments. The section on the evolution of anti-Zepplin ammunition was very good. The most remarkable images, though, came from the sausage manufacturing plant in Middlesbrough. Funny, I'd never thought before how sausages are actually made...

    1. "Those who love sausages or the law should not look too deeply into the making of either."

      Can't remember the source of the quote, though :D My wife's a vet, so she has some expertise with the former, being a qualified Local Veterinary Inspector.

    2. "...or technical standards."

      Still, it's hard to go wrong by adding more zeppelins.

      (Well worth reading: Nevil Shute's "Slide Rule: Autobiography of an Engineer" in which he talks extensively about the now-mostly-forgotten R100.)

    3. "Those who love sausages or the law should not look too deeply into the making of either."

      Otto Von Bismark

  2. We recorded it and watched it tonight. It was very interesting and well put together. Well worth seeing.

    I've been um-ing and ah-ing about buying a book on WWI airships - I thing I'll go out and get it tomorrow!


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