Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Trouble At T'Mill is now live on Facebook

Hey - it works for other people!

If you want to keep notified of new posts, you might find it easier to follow the blog's page on Facebook, especially if you haven't found a good replacement for Google Reader yet :D I'll try and share each new post on the page as and when I post.

If you want to follow me, feel free, but do introduce yourself, and be aware that I have an electic range of interests, and my stream can cover anything and everything up to and including SciFi, music, Christianity, guitar playing, history, writing, programming, photography, archaeology, TV, technology, raising a teenager, cats, Apple, cricket, baseball, NFL, Formula 1, the Internet and stupidity.


  1. I'll stick to the blog thanks. Don't really understand Facebook - the pages seem to be always full of content put there by other people!

  2. Cats.....thats it I'm stopping following, I can cope with Scifi but cats...
    I like cats really I will check you out on FB but keep following the blog as I use my dashboard to keep track of all the blogs I follow.
    Peace James

  3. I've been using 'Feedly' to follow all my old Reader feeds. Its a good substitute and has an android app option so I can use it on my Tablet as well as on my PC.


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