Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Chain of Command pre-orders

It's available (after much proofing madness - I need to ship Rich a box of commas from Florida :D ).

Pre-orders, according to Rich, should ship around 21st August, so you have plenty of time to save up. There's a £22 rules in hardcopy+digital (PDF, or custom PDF for tablet, which will work on iPad or Android (or PC, for that matter)) bundle, and then you can add dice and tokens for a £33 bundle, and some very nice resin 28mm jump-off markers on top of that for a £40 bundle. 

For those wondering, the rules contain (perhaps inevitably) platoon + support lists for late war British, US, German and Russian. Further lists will be available as free downloads from the TFL website.

Today's completely unrelated pet peeve. Disney have redrawn ALL their theme park maps so the entrance is at the top, not the bottom. Can't find my way around anywhere any more :D


  1. Should we send a rescue squad to find you???

  2. Just turn it upside down! Simples!

  3. Which parks have you visited so far? Been to Animal Kingdom yet? The animals are nice but nothing different than you would see at a Zoo.

  4. Mike, that's the last time you get to command the recce platoon...


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