Friday, 19 July 2013

"Chain of Command" is close...

Final crazy proofing efforts are go - I know, as I've spent half today helping stamp out rampant semi-colons and liberally sow the text with commas. The rulebook looks great!

Advance orders will be able to be placed, according to Rich on the TFL list, in a week or so, and they'll be satisfied ahead of stock going to retailers. So watch this space (or the TFL site, or the list, or I suspect a whole boatload of other places).

I can't wait. It's daft - having helped playtest it I've had my eyes on the text, and played the game any number of times, but even so I really cannot wait to get my hands on an actual physical copy.

Can I also note that it's too damn hot to spend half the day with a laptop on your knees in shorts? :D


  1. I am keen to get this as well. It has been a fun one to watch develop.

  2. Its too damned hot to do anything even in shorts!!!

  3. Do try putting the laptop on your knees naked, specially too close to your...belly

    Here is Madrid is also too damn hot, 4-5C above the average for this month over the last 2 weeks...luckily most houses alredy have AC; but my plan for the weekend? spending the day in the pool

  4. Great day ruined by the ICC.

    Nice post though.


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