Monday, 15 July 2013

Battle report - 15 July 2013 - WAB

It has been a while since I last played WAB - the WABGT, in fact, in February.

To be perfectly honest, it was too darn hot to play WAB, or anything else with that level of occasionally nit-picky rules. But I did need the practice, so Grahame and I tried one of the scenarios for the Rushden Axes tournament in August, his Late Imperial Romans against my Palmyrans.

What can I say? I lost :D It was fun, though.

A very wacky set up, this one. A river along the length of the table, and triangular set up areas diagonally across the table.

Made for some interesting setup choices: clearly I had to charge my cataphracts down the length of the table, since in WAB they are a bit like Disaster Area's sunship - steer like an absolute cow.

This is definitely one of those scenarios where you need to use some form of combined arms - unsupported units in what turns into a long, thin battle don't last long.

One unit of cataphracts got stuck into one of Grahame's cohorts, which tends to favour the cataphracts as they have a ridiculously good save.

However, as they were rather lacking in support, due to another messy scrap in the middle of the table, they collected some foederati cavalry up the rear, and then another cohort in the flank...

As they say - a battle's only a waste if you don't learn from it...

In other news - where would you keep the new, unpainted figure that's the general for your cataphract-based army...

Yes, that's right. In the box with the cataphracts, you idiot!!!

Sometimes, I am hopeless. :D


  1. There's still people out there playing WAB?
    I used to be a fan until I got fed up after the release of the last edition full of mistakes and then it being dropped by the publisher. A shame

  2. I liked WAB when I first found it. Made an Early Hebrew army with Ark of the Covenant and all.

    1. I ahve a Royal Hittite army with all type of allies: Cannanites, Mytanni, Phoenicians, Sea Peoples... oh man! I love the Bronze Age period and the masess of chariots clashing!! If only I had some good rules to play now...

  3. I like the idea of triangular set up and will definitely try this the next time!

    Thanks for sharing, Mike!


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