Sunday, 7 April 2019

salute 2019

Distance walked: 5 miles.
Stuff bought: 120 7mm micro dice, Warbases Roman Barrack block, Warbases musketeers, TTCombat Venice/Carnevale set, lots of coffee
Games played: just ours. Lots of players, lots of favourable comments (even the guy from Battlefront liked us).
Current state: un peu knackered
Photos: heck yes


  1. T'was a great looking game Mike.

  2. Indeed a superb looking game! I meant to come and say “hi” but you seemed super busy all of the time :-)

  3. That was a fabulous looking game, one of the highlights of the show.

  4. I saw the game as I passed by and was suitably impressed. Having a good look at the photos I am even more impressed!


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