Friday, 26 April 2019

Beach boards part 8 - and a little extra

AndyM dropped round late this afternoon, so we spent a couple of hours working on the next stage of the beach boards and adding to what I'd done over lunch.
An extra piece as a base for the Warbases watchtower.
...carefully sized to fit on top.
Starting texturing... My hands hurt by the time I'd done the whole promontory. 
And then out with various saw blades to cut in the limestone layers.
...while Andy shapes the stack.
Promontory and stack ready for undercoat.
Grey emulsion about 4:1:2 with PVA and water for the rocks...
 ....and Sandtex textured Bitter Chocolate for the areas that will be grassed eventually.
And the bay board as well.
Some spare 25mm blue foam and a foam board offcut, for a future project...
...for a diorama base for some of these....

1 comment:

  1. Shaping up nicely. I like the water effect on the bay board.


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