Saturday, 14 March 2015

Mantic are at it again

Yup, it's Kickstarter time again. According to the gossip sites (am I turning into one?), the Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter kicks off this coming week.

Looks like it'll be two new factions, some more terrain variations, a better laid out rulebook, and... no doubt lots more stretch goals. According to an interview in a rather (for want of a better word) off-piste location, the initial goal is $100,000, but (and here I rest my case as to how Mantic plan KS's) they're aiming for $3-500,000.


  1. I find myself quite tempted by Deadzone - the 3d look scratches the Necromunda itch and I adore the idea if the hidden objective - but those Veermyn are very uninspiring.

  2. I must say I did back it, if for the simple fact that the entry point is pretty low. I'll probably use the figures for more than just Deadzone though. Thanks for the heads up on the KS.


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