Saturday, 21 March 2015

Kickstarters: a small rant

There is something about Kickstarters that provokes me to rant on occasions.

From Mantic's latest update on the new Deadzone Kickstarter.
"We've noticed this morning that one or two backers have raised their pledges artificially to help us speed through a stretch goal and see what's next, only to drop it again - sometimes at quite high values. This damages the project and negatively effects momentum. We ask that backers only raise their pledge if there's something they genuinely want to add-on. Thanks for your understanding!"
Jeez, people. Really?

Whoever you are who thinks they're being oh-so-clever there - stop being selfish and gaming the system, for <deleted>'s sake. People like you are why we can't have nice things. Grow up.

[Last chance to vote in the poll if you haven't - results tomorrow.]


  1. If a company sets a Kickstarter up so that people can do things like that then they've got nobody but themselves to blame when it happens.

  2. Why is it even possible to reduce one's pledge at all? It's a pledge.


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