Sunday, 15 March 2015

Painting M1942 US Para uniform 2

As you may recall, I picked up some Halfords 'Camouflage Khaki' spray as a match for US M1942 uniform colour. Finally got to test it this afternoon...

Well. It covers well, and doesn't run or clump - leaves detail clearly visible on these Battlefront 15mm 'Easy Company' figures.

The colour in the photo is a bit washed out from what it actually looks like, as I'm holding that fairly close to a small fluorescent strip. However, it is quite a bit paler than I'd like.

For my next trick, therefore, a very generous wash of Army Painter Strong Tone ink (much earlier in the painting process than I usually would). If I was actually wanting to preserve the colour of the paint, I'd be using Soft Tone, given how pale it is. But I'm not - I actively want to darken the colour - so...

I'm actually quite surprised how well that worked!

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