Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Battle Report - 30-Mar-2015 - Relics

 Courtesy of our Tor Gaming pusher (grin) John, I had an introductory game of Relics at the club last night.

What can I say :D The background is delightfully twisted - you really have to read it to appreciate just how entertainingly twisted and detailed it is. The miniatures are very distinctive, and strangely cute in a very warped kind of way - yes, those really are dark puppets in Napoleonic-style uniforms, and they're nothing compared to some of the other races! The exploding blue mana pods are a decidedly weird thing (and Adie's dice rolling decidedly jammy where those were concerned).

The mechanics (involving rolling doubles on multiple d6) are sufficiently novel that I am going to have to resurrect the Probability For Wargamers series to do an analysis on the odds, I think.

All in all, great fun. This is a rather sketch review by design, since I'm saving the full one for Meeples.

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