Sunday, 12 May 2013

Back from Campaign day 2


Feet killing me less today, but then it was a two hour shorter day.

Another day with the mad, mad balloon game. And, annoyingly, another day when I can't find my camera cable, so you are, sadly, going to have to wait till Monday when I can snaffle the USB to miniUSB cable that's hanging up near my desk for pictures of the game.

Ran into a bunch of folks - Tamsin; an ex-colleague from the BBC I didn't know was a gamer; a couple of members from our club who were at the Flames of War tournament; Simon from the Rushden club; and a couple of potential new members, so all in all a good day. Also picked up a couple more useful Battlefront blisters and hardcopies of Sharp Practice and Charlie Don't Surf....

...and got paged at 1530 (ok, afternoon is better) due to someone else's maintenance going a little screwy. Fortunately, a much quicker and less annoying issue :D

I did grab a couple of pictures on my iPhone - this is the rather excellent 15mm DBA Battle of Bosworth from the Society of Ancients - surprisingly effective, and the guys doing the demo had some excellent material and were very knowledgable.

Oh, and we came up with a very interesting idea for our next participation game.

One ingredient is a pair of these:

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