Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Selling, giving away and welcomes.

A bit of a mishmash post here, but I'd feel like I was being cheap with my daily blogging if I stretched it out to four posts, and a bad neighbour if these things didn't rate a mention, so:

Selling: Andy Hawes, my partner in Dux Britanniarum crime is selling off some of his unpainted pile. Check his post here for details, but be aware I've got my eyes on the Romano-British :D [Edit; hah! Too late, it seems!]

Giveaways: Seb of Back to the Minis has started a giveaway to celebrate his blog's second birthday. Do check in if you're interested in any of the very varied collection of things he's giving away!

I should also note that this blog is coming up on 100,000 pageviews, at which point I'm likewise considering some kind of giveaway to celebrate.

Welcomes: A couple of friends have started blogs:

First up, Rob from our club - a mix of thoughts, and notes on Judge Dredd and the new Warhammer army he's building

Secondly, my friend Tim from Uni, with whom I play occasional games of Lardies' rules, is starting a blog. As he hasn't actually posted yet, I'll spare him the embarrassment of a link, but I will tease him to hurry up and post, as he runs a good game and has some excellent thoughts about gaming in general. Watch this space for a link.


  1. Sorry mate. Had I known you wanted Romano Brits I'd have given you first call on them. They have sold already...(well, pending payment...)

  2. Thanks for the trailer. Just published my first post at


    More to follow soon.


  3. I'm even closer to the 100k mark. I think I'll have to pick up some bits and bobs for my giveaway this weekend at Campaign

    1. :D see you there. Look out for the gazebo!


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