Friday, 24 May 2013

Brief Review - Plastic Soldier Company Warsprays

At least, that's what I assume they're called. The cans are labelled very prominently 'Army Sprays', but the supporting literature calls them "Warsprays".

Anyway - to the right we have British and US tank sprays as well as British khaki and German Feldgrau. Initial impressions? Cans feel slightly chunkier than the Army Painter ones, and are a damn sight easier to open.

The colour is indicated by three things:

  • the icon on the can (which helps you distinguish half the range from the other half)
  • the coloured ring around the spray head (which probably helps you distinguish most things, but I'd hate to have to tell US, British and Russian tank colours apart in poor light)
  • a printed description on the coloured ring, which looks like the same kind of print 'Best Before' dates are put on things like milk cartons with. I'd be a little concerned as to whether it rubs off before I've emptied the can!

The only one I've tested is the Feldgrau, on a company's worth of 15mm Battlefront metals and plastics - in fact the force for the second scenario in the IABSM rulebook.


Covers well, sprays nicely, dries pretty fast (tens of minutes tops). If anything it feels a shade thicker and stickier than the Army Painter stuff its apparently based on, but this isn't a problem. Looks like it should be a decent match for the Vallejo Feldgrau should I need to do any touching up.

In summary? You need to paint WW2 stuff? Go out and buy some! Does what it says on the tin :D


  1. Always on the lookout for spray paints. I seem to get though tons of the stuff. I'll give these a go next time I need to re-stock.

  2. You missed the final label - towards the bottom on the back of the can - with the bar code eg SP008 British Khaki.

    Though this is a clear stick on label, and could peel off.

  3. Useful review - I've been looking at these for a while and will give 'em go ;)

  4. Good idea - but if it is "a shade thicker and stickier than the Army Painter stuff" then it isn't for me. I found the AP white undercoat inferior to the GW Skull White - or at least more difficult to apply correctly. I found the AP spray went on too thickly, obscuring the detail, or went on "powdery" when I tried spraying more lightly. When I saw the PSC paint was made by the same guys who did AP I was concerned - and this rather confirms my fears.

    I need something fairly idiot proof!


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