Monday, 27 May 2013

100K Prize Draw day 1

[Before we start - the 2013 Lardies Summer Special is out, and man is it awesome! It would still be awesome without my article, of course.]

So, here we go.

The Rules
  • One (1) entry if you are a registered follower and comment on the post. If there are multiple lots, please say which you're interested in.
  • One (1) bonus entry if you plug this day's draw on your blog and comment with a link to say you've done so.
The Draw

0800 BST Monday 3rd June

The Prize

It's going to be a real mix - some vintage Citadels, some LoTR, heaven knows what else...

For today? From the 'dear Lord, I don't recall having these' pile.

Lot 1: Three boxes of classic era Airfix 20mm figures
German Infantry, ACW Artillery, Guards Band

Lot 2: Two of the 54mm Collectors series figures
British Hussar, Scots Grey

The Results:

The Airfix 54mms go to M R Lee.
The 20mms go to Monty


  1. Definitely interested in this. The Airfix stuff seems pretty cool.


  2. I was in two minds whether to enter the draw, as I don't think I could do these models justice...but fortunately I know a man who can, so count me in.

  3. Fun Fun Fun.
    OMG, classic Airfix, count me in Mike.

  4. Congrats on the 100K Mike! The old classic Airfix figs would be very cool!

  5. Congrats indeed! Count me in for the that Lot2 there. Those 54mm models look interesting!

  6. WooHoo, count me in for the drawing for lot #2. Congratulations on the 100K hits.

  7. Congrats and great prizes, but count me out for this one Mike.

  8. I'd like to put in for those 54's please!

  9. OMG where did you find these? I rather like those 54mm ones. Btw congrats on the 100K and may many more come your way

  10. Hi Mike,

    many congrats for 100K!

    Happily I promoted your success on my blog:

    Please count me in for both lots.


  11. Congrats on reaching the 100K mark and I'm most certainly in for these! Cheers (will post the links later on)

    1. Pimped here:

  12. Don't know if I'm too late but put me down for Lot 1, the Airfix. I'll reply to this comment with the link when I get to it.

  13. Congrats on the 100K, and please enter me for the 54mm figures.

  14. Please sign me up for the 54mm cavalry figurines. Thank you!

  15. Bit late, I know but I'm in!


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