Saturday, 19 July 2014


(and I don't mean the Fleetwood Mac album, much as I love it.)
This photo is not
what it seems.

Just musing about news, gossip, rumour...

There's a rumour doing the rounds on Facebook concerning a wargames retailer. While I'm not going to be at all surprised if it's true, since all I have is an unsubstantiated but unsurprising rumour and some ancillary info after a little bit of digging, I'm not going to name names or details. I do try and keep 'newsy' posts on this blog to things that have reliable sources, because I'd like to be considered trustworthy on that score.

[Written and posted Saturday, even if the laptop seems to have missed the Publish click, so I'm not counting this as a break in the streak. Since I wrote it, I do have a reasonably solid confirmation on the rumour in question, so I'll be posting an update today.]

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