Tuesday, 29 July 2014

An all too short a time...

... came to an end on Sunday as we wrapped up another part of James' necessary education with the Big Damn Movie, aka the Firefly movie "Serenity". This actually turned out to be a little harder than anticipated, as it appears that when I bought the DVD, I was keen enough to get a US import region 1 disc for our then-multi-region player. Unfortunately, we don't have that DVD player any more, so in the end, after considering many alternatives, we wound up renting it on Amazon Instant Video on James' PS3!

That's about the fourth time I've seen "Serenity" (at least twice in the cinema in the first week it was out!), and it... gets better for watching, if you're a Firefly fan. The subtleties of the character interaction (which was always a key part of the series) repay repeated viewing, for sure - also, if you have the DVD, there's at least one superb unaired scene.

Which just leaves the three current graphic novels, and the in-progress post-the-movie comic series which is coming out in November as a graphic.

Question is... what to watch next?


  1. Watch the series again! If those idiots at Fox are too stupid to see this deserved far more than one series then don't watch their other stuff in protest :-)

  2. Although I never had the chance to watch it in the UK, I was able to get the series on DVD here in the US. My wife and I watched it in the proper order - ie, NOT starting with the train chase episode as the studio insisted on. Firefly just gets better with every viewing, as does Serenity. I'm a loyal Browncoat, and dress that way at SF conventions, because You Can't Stop the Signal!

  3. If you can find a copy, read the novelisation. I don't normally bother with movie novelisations but Serenity's is excellent. Told from multiple characters points of view, Mal and Jayne's sections are particularly good.


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