Sunday, 27 July 2014

Bloody Omaha at the 1940s Fest

Back after a scorching hot couple of days at the 1940s fest, where we put on the Bloody Omaha IABSM game as a demo for the general public.

We were in the bar marquee (oh the hardship) which despite a portable aircon unit was one of the hottest places at the show (not so good). A fair amount of through traffic, including some useful walking painting references (although you can't PAY me enough to paint detailed Splittermuster 1931 in 15mm).

We ran it twice, once each day. Two interestingly different results, though the Americans made it both times.

Saturday, Jonathan and Tony as the Americans managed to get through the wire in front of WN62, get a large section through, get some inordinately fortunate card draws which meant that by the time they'd done so most of WN62 had stopped firing, and they'd survived to unload two flamethrowers into the main bunkers (Rob Avery would be happy!).

Sunday, Ash, Pippa and Rob went for a much more cautious approach - the first group that tended to prefer taking an action to take cover rather than run up the beach. Wave 1 got somewhat hammered, wave 2 made two breaches in the wire, but were pretty much too hammered to exploit it, and we called it a day with wave 3 about to land, and several of the German MGs out of action. Had we continued, it would, I think have gone much as history.

One thing I am considering is that I don't yet think the Germans have enough defences :D

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