Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Battle Report - 29-Feb-2012 - The Battle Of Cuidad Rodrigo

The final group of reinforcements on both sides turn up.
Apologies that this is somewhat short - I'm currently down with a rotten cold, and eyeing the Saxon lead mountain and two approaching deadlines for it with trepidations.

Not at the club, for once - this was the first real battle in Gavin's Peninsular campaign, held in Matt's rather sumptuously appointed games room.

As Marechal Victor, I and half the French army were late (and completely lacking in cavalry, as I'd managed to lose them on the map!), so Rich got to run the opening few turns until my forces got there. He did rather get my best infantry unit cut to bits, but we survived... unfortunately I had to leave with a couple of turns to go, so Gavin finished the end off, and ... to be honest, the details are rather lost in a haze of Lemsip at present. So I'll redirect you to Gavin's report on the battle, with far better pictures and a good deal more coherence :D

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  1. Somewhat ancient history now, but the location is Ciudad Rodrigo, not cUIdad Rodrigo. :)


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