Friday, 9 March 2012

Battlegames issue 28

When I fired up the reader app on the iPad yesterday, it downloaded me the new issue of Battlegames, so, in a break from painting horses (I've been temporarily banished from the kitchen table and it's too cold out in the workshop), herewith a review.

My comments on layout and look of the previous issue still hold - Henry does a great job in producing a clean, readable magazine with no unnecessary colour and font tricks that make some rival magazines harder to read. Several great articles - the introduction to A Very British Civil War was something I've been rather hoping someone would write, the continuing story of the Grenoussian Intermezzo is a blast to read (and I'm working on a pass for this year's encore...), and the five-way colonial scenario looks like it has the potential to be a real blast on a club night.

I did, though, find myself finishing the magazine with a slight sense of 'is that all?'. Turns out the reason for this is that all the articles this issue are actually quite long, and in fact (setting aside the review and Forward Observer columns) there were, in fact, only six, compared to eight last time and seven before that, so... quantity not quality this issue :D

Still a great read, not at all sorry I subscribed.

[Folks with bookmarked (like me) should note that the new site for the magazine is and the reader is at]

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  1. Oh i've been a fan of 1938 AVBCW since seeing it reviewed last year or the year before. Lots of scope for being creative with your units back story and motivation even within the factions.


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