Tuesday, 28 February 2012

More photos from Hammerhead 2012

I did actually take my Canon 300D DSLR to Hammerhead for our participation game. Unfortunately, the battery decided to go for the proverbial pie, lasting about a minute (literally) on one charge before giving up the ghost. I tried recharging it (thanks to the folks from WarBases for loan of a socket) but no joy, same again. So all the photos on the original report are from my iPhone 4S.

However.... I did take some photos with the DSLR in its brief, dragonfly-like moments of power, but I'd dismissed them from my mind in the bustle of the con. Having finally bitten the bullet and bought a two-pack of replacement batteries on Amazon, I took the DSLR to the club's all-day game on Sunday, and took lots of photos, which will appear in tomorrow's report once I've written it (it's a long one!). To my not-inconsiderable delight, when I emptied the card onto my Mac today, there were also a few shots from Hammerhead. And some of them, just being immodest for a second, rock...

I've left the colour cast on these from the artificial lights at Kelham Hall exactly as they are, as it suggests sunrise across the desert. We were stupendously lucky in that a single spotlight across the other side of the dome was pointed exactly at our pyramid, and a bunch of other lights were casting quite hard shadows across the sand table. And it looked... actually, pretty damn cool, if I might be so bold. Again. all credit to  Grahame and Chris from the club for coming up with this scenario and doing the lion's share of the prep work.

As an aside, these really do merit being viewed bigger - click on one and use the Blogger slideshow. Enough waffling, though. Without further ado:

The Combat Archaeologists of the Deutsche Afrika Korps look out
nervously over the sands of the desert.

In the shadow of the Great Pyramid, the forces of Mighty Ra, the Sun-God
begin to assemble.

Oberleutnant R. Harreihausen (yes, really - blame Chris!) stands up in the
rear of his staff car for a better view.

The sun finally crests the horizon, and the forces of Ra begin to move.

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  1. Nazis and undead ancient Egyptians? That's awesome! I trust the Nazis all died horribly.

    Oberleutnant R. Harreihausen is a brilliant name.


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