Sunday 12 February 2012

Hammerhead 2012

Just got back a couple of hours ago from Hammerhead 2012, where the club has been putting on one of its by-now-traditional participation games. Carl picked me up at an ungodly 0730, and we were rolling up to Kelham Hall at a pretty respectable 0825 or so, to find a goodly chunk of the rest of the team already there and setting up.

Our game was "Pyramid Of Peril", which pitted the Combat Archaeologists of the Deutsche Afrika Korps, having just recovered the long lost artefact known as the "Giver of Life", against a horde of undead that were bent on getting it back.  Think Rorke's Drift meets Indiana Jones and you won't be far wrong. This was done at about 40mm scale with a bunch of remarkably cheap and cheerful Poundland and bring-and-buy figures, for a total outlay of around £50, with a set of home-grown and much tweaked rules.

I'll let the following set of photos tell most of the story, although I should note that I did do a bit (*cough*) of shopping, and came away with copies of SAGA, Age of Arthur, Op: Squad Vehicles and Reinforcments. three boxes of plastic Saxons, a box of Persian Cavalry, some bases, a set of very nice SAGA rules and tokens and a can of Army Painter chainmail spray. And that's definitely me spent up for the month.

I'd also note for the record that most of the credit for this year's game definitely goes to Grahame for the idea and most of the hard work, although I do claim responsibility for the graphic design of the poster. Huge thanks also to the Hammerhead folks for organising a fab show!

Rolling up to a snowy but picturesque Kelham Hall

Starting to fill the sand table. Yes, we had a sand table

Adding the top layer of sand. Dustpans, brushes and saucepans to the fore.

And there we pretty much have it - the Combat Archaeologists of the
Deutsche Afrika Korps' camp, complete with tent hiding the 'Giver of Life".

Unfortunately, the DAK don't get away with it that easily. 

Our first game was really touch and go: for most of the last 15 minutes it
looked like the skeletons would win, but the DAK hung on by the skin of
their teeth.

Game two went to the forces of Mighty Ra, the Sun God: probably the
most one-sided of the four games we had all day.

Games lasted for four turns of the hourglass, by which time it was deemed
the sun would set, Ra's power would fade, and the skeletons would
crumble back into the sand from which they came.

<doom-laden-voice>The SANDS of TIME!</doom>

Game three in progress - a close win for the forces of
the undead, this one, down to the last few grains of sand.

A close up of the Egyptian triceratops Eternal Guard. Mowing these down
good and early was a smart move for any DAK players who wanted
to survive.

Game four, with some interestingly unorthodox tactics from the
surprisingly smart walking dead. Another win for the bony lot!

And the result of our labours. The award for Best Participation Game.


  1. The game was great fun and it was a well deserved win !

  2. What a brilliant table. An actual sand table. So much work but so very well worth it.


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