Friday, 24 February 2012

Battle report - 20-Feb-2012

Another night at the club - you'd think after the weekend I'd be WABbed out, perhaps, but no.

Monday night was week 1 of our restarted WAB campaign: we have six players, three Roman (Emperor Dan, Gary (governor of Macedon) and me (governor of Britannia)), and three not (Grahame (Picts), Andy B (unsurprisingly, Dacians) and Reuben (Macedonian)). According to the campaign rules (which I will ask Dan if I can link to), the Emperor gets to spent resource points and decide who does what, so...

...this week, Dan and I invaded Dacia, while Gary (in his first WAB battle) raided the Macedonian border. Some dice rolling later, it was discovered that the Dacian forces had failed to ambush us, so Dan and I fought Andy and Grahame (playing the Bastarnae) in a 2x2100 points a side pitched battle using AoA2 lists on an 8'x4'. Sadly, no photos (Dan! Paint your army!), but a good time was had. We weighted our deployment heavily towards the left, with only my Numidian cavalry, some allied Brigantes chariots and an allied warband really covering the right. It looked for a while as though we'd come unstuck, but the centre and left finally got stuck in, a wall of legionary cohorts mixing it with the Bastarnae, and my allied warband took out a bunch of Dacians (ahh, sweet revenge for Sunday!), and caused another to run away, while the Numidians (yes! I painted them! Watch this space.) did their annoying Parthian shot thing round the rear.

It nearly came unstuck when my warband got stuck between Andy's cavalry and another warband, and they and the Numidians fled, but by then the left flank and centre had done enough damage for us to win the day by about 1400 VP to 900. Meanwhile, Gary's raid on Macedon proved successful as well, to whom full marks for winning his first ever game of WAB, so the might of Rome will probably roll further into Dacia and Macedon next month.


  1. Sounds like great fun, looking forward to pictures. I don't know beans about this period, really. What century is your campaign set in, mid or late Roman?

  2. It's set in or around the transition from Nerva to Trajan (98 AD).


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