Tuesday, 25 January 2011

By way of introduction

I'm Mike Whitaker, and I'm a member of Peterborough Wargames Club. My primary leaning is towards historical gaming, with a preference for WWII, Ancients, and Napoleonics, although I confess to a fondness for the Lord Of The Rings game.

Like, I suspect, a good few people, I gave up the hobby for a good while (with a foray into RPGs instead, in my case) after school. My school had a thriving wargames club that played predominantly WWII (to a set of house rules that I still have a copy of somewhere, with air rules added by me), a couple of different Napoleonics sets (mostly the Airfix ones by Bruce Quarrie), and the infamous 'cardboard ancients' - WRG 6th or 7th ed with cardboard counters 'cause none of us could afford figures.

Came back to the hobby thanks to our local assistant vicar, who introduced me to the club via their Wings of War campaign, and have rediscovered how much fun it is.

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