Sunday, 30 January 2011

Army Painter Quick Shade

Well, that was an interesting experience.

First time with Army Painter Quick Shade - definitely not what I expected. First reaction, after shaking the dip off the recommended half dozen or so times, is definitely "Oh my God, I've ruined it." It is, though, quite surprising how fast it changes (from thick, brown, figure-ruining gloop) to something looking surprisingly good.

For future reference (note to self and anyone else reading it):

  • find a place for the figures to dry that 'Er Indoors won't mind little puddles of dip on
  • do it outside
  • take some kitchen roll, and a paintbrush you don't care about, out with you - you will need it
  • don't fix figures to bases before you dip! 
  • 24 hours is NOT long enough drying time. 36 is better, 48-72 is better still.

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