Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Current projects

Two things on the go at present:

28mmm Early Imperial Roman army for WAB 
I seem to have been collecting figures of late, starting with a Warlord Games Imperial Roman Starter Army and adding a bunch of Wargames Factory stuff off eBay. Painting has started! The end line up (which is an insane amount of points I'll never field all at once, I guess), will be....
  • 18 Praetorians (Warlord)
  • 18 Veteran Legionaries (Warlord)
  • 3 x 18 Regular Legionaries (Warlord) - lorica segmentata
  • 3 x 18 Regular Legionaries (mostly Wargames Factory 'Caesar's Legions' with Warlord rectangular shields and no helmet crests) - lorica hamata
  • 12 36 Auxilliary cavalry (Wargames Factory, and boy were THEY hard to find)
  • 12 Allied Germanic cavalry (Wargames Factory)
  • 12 Allied Celt cavalry (Wargames Factory)
  • 2 x 12 Auxilliary infantry (Warlord)
  • 9 Balearic slingers (Wargames Factory - painted from the Numidian set)
  • 9 Numidian archers (Wargames Factory - painted from the Numidian set)
  • 10 Allied skirmishers (Wargames Factory - painted from the Numidian set)
  • General, Aqulifer.
28mm Lord of the Rings troops

These are my 'break from the Romans' painting job. Foolishly, I bought the whole of the "Battlegames in MiddleEarth" partwork, so I have loads of sprues of various things to paint. First off, enough Rohirrim to pass as a Dark Ages warband for a club session, then we'll see what I fancy, I guess.

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