Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Dux Brit updates

While you're all waiting for me to stop being busy, and a) finish the Compendium and b) start the Linnius Campaign again, please allow me to refer you to Leading Lead's "The Rhegn Campaign" which is just starting up and being chronicled on their blog.

As those of you who made it to Virtual Lard will be aware, I managed to run two games of Dux over Zoom, which went pretty well - Rich Clarke (despite being 7 years rusty with the rules) in particular had a great time in the morning game, and we had players as far afield as Australia and Colorado USA.

The Compendium is progressing - I think my playtest group has pretty much laid the gremlins to rest in the various scenarios (thank you very much, folks!), so as soon as I get the last few bits edited I'll be looking for proof-readers. Sadly... actually, no. For once I am not Over-Commitment Boy... There are a limited list of people at church with my skill set, and pretty much 2/3 of my free time goes on that at present.  Fortunately, I am learning to delegate and train, so hopefully that will ease. And I am taking a week off in July, of which part is to record a long overdue album, but voice and fingers won't let me do that all day everyday, so the rest of the time is going on Dux.


  1. All the best with all of that. Get in touch if any of us can help though I expect many like me are trying to get our heads around Infamy, Infamy which looks very exciting and different to Dux. If Lardies "leave no man behind" we wouldn't leave you stuck under fire. Stephen

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  3. Thank you for the name check Mike, I was wondering where all my "Blogger" referrals suddenly came from!

    We didn't quite finish the 2nd raid last Tuesday. But hopefully we will finish up next week and get some more saga & annals entries out for next weekend.

  4. New album! YES! That's great news.

  5. Hello, I was just wondering if you ever got around to publishing this?


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