Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Discord server/online gaming convention

I am in the middle of setting up a Discord server for online gaming and chat. This is not intended to replace Twitter, as that's a happily thriving community that I'm not interested in superseding or competing with (I am not an idiot).

However, it's going to contain at least the following:

  • Chat area for wargames, board games and RPGs
  • A business area where small companies can both advertise and chat to customers (I will probably require you to prove to me you're a gaming related business before you get to represent as such, and obviously I will require things to be kept civil and positive :D).
  • The games area - a channel where you can arrange an online game, and a support channel where you can ask technical questions about doing so
  • A channel with a dice-roller bot (never know when THAT'll come in handy!)
  • Voice chat. I'm not setting up any channels as yet, but I have plans: they will if nothing else be useful to allow voice chat while playing wargames via (say) Tabletop Simulator
The server invite link will be up later today or tomorrow, once I have things locked down and bots created to my satisfaction. 


  1. Mike, would this support RPGs also - say 7 or 8 people?

  2. It ought to - seems a very normal use case on other servers I'm on


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