Wednesday 31 December 2014

Plans for 2015

Let's see if I can do better than this year, mm?

First up, the 'must do's:

  • The club "29th, Let's Go Large" IABSM campaign (see the TFL 2014 Xmas Special
    • Buildings
      • lots of 4Ground 15mm build/paint
    • Figures
      • two sections of German infantry, a couple of Pak38s.
      • several Sherman M4A1s
      • possibly a Marder III or two
  • The Chef-du-Pont project (June)
    • Terrain build
    • Buildings
      • Creamery scratch build
      • lots of 4Ground 15mm build/paint (which I need anyway for the above!)
      • Château (probably Sarissa)
    • Figures
      • 4 platoons US paras + support
  • The club game for Salute (if we make it off the reserve list) and other shows
    • ... that's a secret, but AndyM and I will be busy :D
And then the 'things I'd like to do if I have time':
  • Start painting some of my Perry WOTR figures
  • Continue (haha) painting my Napoleon @ War stash
  • Paint the early war Fallschirmjäger for a CoC Home Guard campaign later in the year.
  • Paint SOMETHING from one of the three Mantic Kickstarters :D
  • Finish off the odds and sods for Bloody Omaha so it's all neat and pristine for next time we get it out
Not involving lead. plastic, MDF or craft foam:
  • Rearrange and tidy the workshop and storeroom
  • Blog
  • Podcast 
  • Write :D
  • Run a wargames show!

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