Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2014 in review

In which we all get to have a good laugh, like as not.

So: here's the plans from this time last year:

  • Tidy my Saxons - currently waiting on an order of wire spears from Northstar, who I suspect are away for the holiday period :D Done. But needs doing again, and sorting out the sabot bases and the bases of the boxes they live in. And I should do the same for my Normans.
  • Finish off my 15mm British company - tomorrow, barring a trip to see the Hobbit 2. And I did!
  • Start on the Napoleon at War 18mms - hoping to get some French at least undercoated by the weekend. I did. Exactly that. And no more :D
  • Paint the rest of my Dreadball team when it arrives - I have an expansion set on order from PE2 Collectables, as well as a complete duplicate team in order to paint in their alternative colours. (We have this problem down the club, in that Rob has the proceeds of the Dreadball Kickstarter, and he's a Ravens fan (as well as once playing for a team who played in purple), so half his teams are painted purple as well!) Oh, and a set of cheerleaders from a mix of Shadowforge and Hasslefree. First team done, cheerleaders and coaches done. Second strip half done, may get finished now I have an Army Painter purple ink wash!
  • More Napoleonics. Hahahahah. ;)
  • Lots of 15mm vehicles (my current stash is most of two 9L Really Useful Boxes) for IABSM. Total vehicles painted - 4 DD Shermans for Bloody Omaha...
  • Waiting for the Finns and Russians to arrive, at which point I'll decide where they go in the painting list. Still waiting for the last part of the order.
  • More terrain tiles. A bunch for Bloody Omaha, which have seen reuse.
  • Some 28mm early war German Heer or Fallschirmj√§ger to complement the Home Guard. Bought some 28mm FJ, as yet unpainted.
  • Gaming-wise, the major new thing I suspect is going to be the club Dreadball tournament, otherwise, more of the same (lots of CoC, IABSM, Dux Brit, Judge Dredd...) Yup.
  • I have an idea for a Chain of Command scenario book, which will require liaising with three different people to get off the ground, I still do :D
  • I have a part-written supplement for another TFL ruleset, of which more when I get it a bit nearer completion. And I still do :D
  • Keep blogging... Well, yes. Up until September, then real life and a non-wargaming recreational role started taking up my time.
  • Keep podcasting with the Meeples guys, and see if I can't knock up a couple more episodes of my podcast. Yes and no. :D
Hey. Actually that's not bad. Proof that if I don't overcommit, things don't go so badly!

When you add to that the fact that I also painted and based 18 assault boat sections of 15mm US 29th/1st infantry for Bloody Omaha, which is 27 figures a section, for a total of (dear Lord) 486 figures, along with 6 landing craft... (Yes, Robert, I'll get you some photos to Vis Lardica before the end of the year!)

Compared to that, the four platoons of US paras are going to be trivial :D


  1. That's one of the more successful prognostications I've seen. Congratulations on what appears to be a very satisfying hobby year.

  2. Plus you got to PLAY quite a bit too! We tend to lambast ourselves for all the painting things we don't get done, but you have done a lot within your hobby this year - well done!

    I hope 2015 is just as fun for you :-)

  3. I decided to avoid setting out a plan for 2014 as the previous years one had been so poorly realised...I suspect you've done a lot better than I would have for this year! The main thing is that you had fun...happy New Year!

  4. "More Napoleonics."
    That's the spirit! You can NEVER have enough. Napoleon couldn't so why should we settle for less after that example?


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