Wednesday, 15 October 2014

New Chain of Command scenario series

For those of my readers who are interested in Chain of Command and somehow aren't following the blog, forum OR mailing list:

Building on the back of the At The Sharp End campaign supplement, Too Fat Lardies have just released the first in a series of "Pint Sized" campaigns, namely "29 Let's Go".

The basic premise behind the series appears to be one 32 page downloadable (and printable) PDF, which is a 50/50 mix of well-written and useful historical background to the campaign (with maps), and then a Sharp End-style 'ladder' campaign, with table layouts based on the maps. And all this for the price of a reasonable pint - £3.50. What's not to like? I mean, for the price of a pint, you get of the order of 5-8 evening's entertainment, just add scenery, figures and (optionally) an umpire.

This builds really well on Chain of Command and At The Sharp End, and while I haven't had chance to play any of the scenarios yet, I did get to give it a thorough read.


  1. Excellent! Thanks for the heads up Mike!

  2. What's not to like?

    Well for the fact that a pint costs so much.

    The book is really good value - so again wargaming is a much better night out!

  3. Beer in the UK seems outrageously expensive!!
    But the value for money of this supplement is amazing


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