Tuesday 13 November 2012

The evolution of my workspace

I'm not entirely sure evolution is the right word... but on the other hand, it does imply a certain uncontrolled growth from previously, largely due to circumstance, so maybe.
I should admit here that, as well as being a fun exercise in realising
just how much clutter there is on my workbench, this is also my
entry to the BenchVent 'Show us your Workspace competition' :D
In the interests of spontaneity, this is an iPhone panorama after a quick tidy off of some accumulated cruft. Across the top of the two desks, we have:
  • a pile of assorted Really Useful Boxes (mostly 4L and 9L)
    • El Cid army
    • Early Saxon Kingdoms army
    • Dux Britanniarum characters and sabot bases
    • ImagiNations/WSS army
    • unpainted 28mm WW2 Russian/German figures
    • Wings Of War WW1 planes
    • several empty 4L and 9L boxes with tray inserts earmarked for 15mm WW2 for IABSM
    • 28mm Wehrmacht and British Paras for Op: Squad/TW&T
    • lots of milk bottle lids (green) as figure holders for painting
    • box of largely GW and Humbrol acrylics
    • box of assorted odd small tools and glues
  • in front of those, a pile of army lists etc for filing, and several sheets of A4 60thou plasticard earmarked for scenery projects, some Uhu White Tack
  • some scrap polystyrene
  • lots of clump foliage
  • in front, some cheap and cheerful PVA and some loo roll for wiping brushes etc
  • some pots of GF9 scatter
  • more scrap polystyrene etc, some spare Javis scenery
  • scenic scatter
    • several margarine tubs of Javis scatter
    • some army painter tufts
  • brush-on liquid poly cement (EMA Plastic Weld)
  • A3 cutting board, currently clearer than usual
  • a very nice bright fluorescent desk lamp
  • craft knife set
  • Woodland Scenics foam putty
  • Loctite Power Gel superglue
  • stack of Warbases IABSM blinds markers
  • Deluxe Materials Scatter-Grip Tacky Glue
  • Woodland Scenics and Javis scenic cement
  • Woodland Scenics spray bottle (not impressed with this)
  • old laptop stand holding 
    • brush holder
    • assorted odd paint pots 
    • tubes of acrylic
    • jar of olive oil for de-misting varnish
  • small collection of glass and plastic Gü pots, great for mixing paints
  • Really Useful Box of Army Painter paints
  • Warlord Games paint station, more GW paints (the ones I use a lot still), a Citadel water pot,
  • two stray Gaugemaster trees
  • large blue Really Useful Box that's supposed to only contain spray cans but I keep dumping stuff on top of (including 3 A3 sheets of plasticard and 40 26mm ID rubber washers)
  • large containers of Woodland Scenics scatter/brush/undergrowth materials
  • a Sports Direct mug that's not being used at all!
and below, left to right
  • Apple Mac G4 I need to clean data off and get rid of
  • one of my two sticks for Blutak'ing figures to to spray
  • a set of drawers full of non-modelling junk
  • the (overflowing 'cause I just tidied some crud) bin
  • stack of red RUBoxes - mostly scenery and under-conscruction trees
  • stack of blue/red RUBoxes - unpainted figures (Romans)
  • stack of blue/red RUBoxes - unpainted figures (assorted Ancients)
  • stack of blue/red/clear RUBoxes - unpainted figures (15mm WW2, Saxons)
Not visible in this picture just to the right of where I'm standing:
  • 11L RUBoxes with Ancient British, Roman, ECW 28mm armies
  • club laminator and pouches
in the utility room by the sink:
  • paint palette in need of cleaning
  • Dettol and jar for removing paint from figures
  • drying brushes (from having PVA cleaned off them)

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  1. I think entropy may be the word you are looking for. That's definitely a very busy hobby space.


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