Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Wrapping up January 2012

Well, I guess that's it for January, which has been the start of the year in which I seem to have decided to take writing about wargames seriously. And as a result:

  • My first 200 page view day (today!);
  • Just (by a hair) passed 3000 page views for the month, which is also a record by a long way;
  • Passed 8000 page views total!
Not much by the standards of some people's blogs (just teasing, Ray), but I'm kinda pleased at the amount, and hopefully quality, of stuff I've been writing of late.

Coming in February:
...as well as the usual collection of battle reports, painting updates and other merry mayhem. I'm also going to be risking 'Er Indoors' displeasure by being away for wargames events on three weekends in February - Hammerhead (watch our for our participation game), the WAB GT and our club all day game.  

On the painting table:
  • 120 28mm British war band,
  • 9 28mm Numidian cavalry,
  • 26 18mm Napoleonic French,
  • two squads of 28mm PSC Russian infantry,
  • an Age of Arthur army I haven't bought yet
...and probably a very large piece of scenery, of which more later.

Many thanks to everyone who's taken the time to friend, read and comment this blog, and the folks at Peterborough Wargames Club, as well as the folks on the WAB, Man at War, La Bricole, WD3 and Warlord forums and the Lardies and WECW Y! groups. This whole blogging thing works so much better when things cross-pollinate!

It only remains to note that I'll probably be on a blogging hiatus until Monday due to helping run a SF convention this weekend. See you in February!


  1. A good month and a good start for your blog, Mike. Keep it up! Blessings, Mike

  2. A good month indeed. Keep up with the good stuff, mate.

  3. All good stuff! Here's to more successes.


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