Monday, 16 January 2012

Libraries and general admin

A short two-part post today. First off, I'd like to welcome Dave K at Lead Warrior to the list of my followers, and thank him for his kind comment on my review of Armies of Antiquity 2. While I don't always acknowledge my new followers as much as I'd like, he rates a mention for his most recent post on his blog, on the subject of libraries.

Supporting your local library is a topic that is dear to me: I'm pretty sure that my local library provided a goodly 75% of my reading as a young 'un, from all the Arthur Ransome books, through every yellow-jacketed Gollancz SF book I could get my hands on, to everything Don Featherstone, Charles Grant and Terence Wise wrote. My local library currently has a rather dismal ONE wargaming book on its shelves, but nonetheless I still make use of its copious military history section.

As Dave says:
In the UK the library service is funded by local councils whose budgets are under a lot of pressure at the moment, so they need to justify their existence or they will disappear.
Like him, I pledge to make more use of my library this year, and I commend this action to my readers: in fact, I'm going to match Dave's self-imposed challenge: a library book a week. If you want to do this as well, blog about it, spread the word. Steal the badge I just created and stick it in your blog's sidebar. And while you're at it...

My good friend, programming wizard and talented folk-singer Piers Cawley likewise shares a love of libraries, to the extent that he wrote a wonderful song, "Child Of The Library", and was brave enough to do it as a lightning talk in front of a bunch of open source geeks at OSCon, for which he deserves a medal. It's also a damn fine song.

Second up, a bit of administrivia. I had my first advertising comment today (altogether now, "Awww"). I do not want to restrict comments any more than they are - I like the immediacy of not having to wait for me to moderate them. However, if you're advertising something other than your wargames blog, and your comment isn't relevant other than as an advert, I reserve the right to delete it. So there :)


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