Saturday 10 December 2011


Doing a batch of undercoating on a load of Warlord and Wargames Factory Celts/Ancient Britons - going a variant on a way suggested on the Army Painter website, where they actually undercoated torsos and legs of a bunch of figures in various different primers to save painting. Having decided on this after I'd spent an afternoon gluing, I went for a range of assorted primers for the whole figure, with the bare-torsoed ones in some of my remaining AP Human Flesh (hard to get, as AP have discontinued it!).

I've been doing the mail-armoured guys in Citadel Skull White spray, and I have to say? NOT impressed in a direct comparison with the Army Painter. Doesn't cover nearly as well. Seriously considering re-priming in the last of my AP Black.

You'd get pictures, but they're all outside in the workshop, and it's blasted freezing out there :D

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