Chain of Command Quick Reference Sheet

I have produced a CoC quick reference sheet, which can be found here (or, if your browser gives you fits with Dropbox, also here).

A tip of the hat to Last Hussar, whose trick of including the section references I borrowed from his version of a QRS, and to Rich for the original QRS and the CoC logo.

The QRS is 6 pages, or 3 double-sided sheets: it is designed to print on A4 borderless paper or card. and ideally then be laminated. If there is sufficient demand I could try and reformat for US Letter.

Pro Tip: most of the useful infantry-related stuff is on pages one and two: if you're running a teaching game or similar, print off a couple of copies of the first two pages in addition to one full set.

Oh. And a couple of little notes since you're here:

  • The four most common rules mistakes in Chain of Command are here - trust me, I made ALL of them for ages.
  • The most FAQ. When the force lists say 'MG, 3 crew' they mean 'a machine gun, and three people to man it'. Not four. There is no free man carrying the MG. Just like when we say 'boat, 2 crew' there aren't three people in the boat... :D (Analogy thanks to Rich Clarke)

Version history:
  • v1.0: 18 Jan 2015
    • initial version
  • v1.1: 19 Jan 2015
    • added HE/Support and Misc sheets, with thanks to Derek of Derek's Wee Toys
  • v1.2: 20 Jan 2015
    • some minor typos fixed and a small change to the 'Useful References' table
  • v1.3: 20 Jan 2015
    • added initial Force Morale values
    • more precise wording for Pinned
  • v2.0: 26 Jan 2015
    • somehow worked in the Master Arsenal table (and ONE table from Big CoC).
  • v2.1: 06 Apr 2016
    • added the 4:1 outnumbering rule for close combat
  • v2.2: 04 May 2016
    • fixed an error in the Bad Things Table
  • v2.3: 11 Apr 2019
    • clarified defensive L/M/HMG bonus in close combat (thanks to Richard of Land Of Counterpane)
  • v2.4: 12 Apr 2019
    • corrected Rifle Grenade in Master Arsenal Table
    • changed Veteran to Elite in hit table
    • added rule for Elites under covering fire from Errata
    • minor reformats on page 2


  1. I can't seem to download nor print the CoC QRS. I even joined dropbox but no joy! Can you help?

    1. Alternative download link now available.

    2. Is it possible to get the file in some format that I can edit?

      I want to make a conversion for WWI game I am running at MillenniumCon using the Cocking It Up article.

      If so, can you email to


    3. I work in Apple Pages format, if that's any good to you.

    4. That would be just fine



  2. The QRS seems to print fine on US letter size paper (8 1/2" x 11") using fit to page.


    1. Yes, I did the same with mine to good effect.

  3. I bit late here as I just got into CoC a few monhs back, but this is exactly what I was looking for. Haven't used them in a game, but just the arrangment looks very organized and easy to follow. Great Job and thank you for sharing!

  4. I just found these and they are by far the best looking reference sheets I have found. I just printed them out and will have to play a game or two to see if there are any issues. Thank you for this. And yes, I would love to see one that takes the entire page on 8 1/2 x 11 format for US letter. I couldn't get my printer to get rid of the margins and the full sheet option looks great!!

  5. I thought I left a reply awhile ago, but I don't see it here. Could you make a version in the 8 1/2" x 11" format please? I wasn't able to get the graphics to print to the page edges like it appears in the file. Maybe I just assume it does, but would look sharp to fill the entire page. Thank you.

  6. Thank you for the wonderful CoC QRS

  7. Hullo Mike, excellent QRS, we use it in all our games. However, you might want to correct the "bad things happen" table "team wiped out" result: roll of six is only -1 on Force morale. Cheers, Aksu

    1. Good spot that man. Fixed and uploaded. Thanks!

  8. Thanks for taking the trouble to make this QRS. Having no one to teach the game to me, I don't think I'd figure it out with this sort of crutch to keep me hobbling in the right direction.

  9. Thank you very much for doing this!

  10. Thank you very much for these sheets. They're very useful.

    I've noticed two things though:

    1) Page 1, Bad Things Happen table, "Support Routs" should be "Support Breaks", I believe. I found a post on the Lardies forum where it was said that it was meant to be the same as for normal sections.

    2) Page 2, last table in left column "HIts on FOOs". Should probably be a lower case 'i'.


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