Wednesday 25 May 2022

Chef-du-Pont update - turning to 6mm

So, after a couple of evenings of largely Myk and Andy poring over maps, aerial photos and our boards, we've reached a major decision over the Chef-du-Pont game we're building for Posh Lard

Myk and I tried out the board layout on Monday at club, and by the time we'd placed the models for the Mont Blanc creamery, it was clear it was all looking a bit cramped. There's about 1500m between the creamery and the Château Isle Marie, and that's essentially 5m in IABSM's ground scale (as close to 6mm scale as makes no nevermind). The best we can do for a sensible table is for that distance to be about 2m, so with 15mm scale buildings that's going to be very very cramped, and a lot of the very recognisable buildings (the Château, the Co-operative and Mont-Blanc creameries, the bridge over the Merderet and some of the groups of buildings on what's now the Rue du Capitaine Rex Coombs) are going to lose their 'look'.

Big breath. Quick look at Baccus' and Heroics and Ros' WW2 prices. Y'know what? Time to switch to 6mm.

Myk and Andy spent yesterday evening plotting roads on our 5 2' x 4' boards (we planned for a sixth, but it turns out to be all flooded, so better left out for easier access. I, meanwhile, actually managed to clear enough workbench space that I can set up the 3D printer and Proxxon hot wire table!

Except more WIP pictures over the next three and a bit months. 

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  1. Yes 3d printer have taken the hobby by storm -I look forward to seeing your results.


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