Thursday, 10 March 2022

Hereward 2022 and 2023


We regret to announce that Hereward Wargames Show will not be going ahead this year. While we are reasonably confident that the current state of the COVID pandemic would allow the show to go ahead as an in-person event, it would have required us to commit to a firm booking with our venue this month. As a club, we’ve all suffered from the stress of the pandemic, keeping things going online via forums and Zoom and, as a committee, essentially restarting the club as an in-person concern pretty much from scratch last autumn. To be honest, all of us are all somewhat burned out from the past two years and the effects of COVID etc. People’s personal well-being has to come first.

The Club's attendance is, though, happily growing at a surprising rate since the beginning of 2022 with new and enthusiastic members. We are very optimistic that by later in this year we will have enough willing volunteers (once we’ve brainwashed the newcomers!) and less frazzled committee members (once they have had time to rest and recuperate) to be able to announce Hereward back with a bang in 2023, better and even more fun after a clean break, at our usual venue on Sunday 3rd September 2023 (the date’s provisionally in their diary already!)

Again, our apologies for disappointing people. It’s been a very difficult decision - we know our traders and clubs have really enjoyed the show in the past, and indeed we had already begun receiving queries for this year’s show. We are very grateful for everyone’s support at past Herewards, and we look forward to being able to bring back a show next year.


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  3. Fully understandable it's been a very difficult couple of years with many losing loved ones. Look forward to being there in 2023. Date is in the diary already.


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